NOTICE: This part is very under construction, no games or game demos are available yet. If date coming up for a demo or full game then it will be released if there no problems or errors.

Hungry Caveman Recommended age: Everyone Type: Comedian prehistoric Release-date: Very soon. The story so far: The caveman Boogie-woogie is hungry so he goes to hunt for food but a T-rex is in the way to the hunting-grounds. Help Boogie-woogie to kill the T-rex so that he and his friends wonít starve.

Hawaiian Treasure Recommended age: Everyone Type: Comedy Release-date: Somewhere middle 2003 (Actual game) Demo release: Unknown. The story so far: Mats Berglinn (Thatís me) goes on vacation to Molokai, Hawaii Islands to relax and have some fun. But as meets the beautiful singer Naomi McCallister who needs to find a mysterious treasure hidden somewhere on the island to help her family pay out their depts.. Unfortunately she have been hunted by two mysterious men for an unknown reason and itís up to Mats to help her find the treasure. He encounter many things like the Legend of the evil Voodoo-master Kahnawana, the crooked Pineapple Mafia, the mysterious spy Pete Gunn and many other things.

Bill Starshine Recommended age: Everyone Type: Space comedy Release-date: Somewhere 2003 Demo release: Unknown. The story so far: After a though but rather short mission on planet Foora, Bill Starshine, member of the Intergalactic Hero Squadron, returns to his ship to get back to the base. However he discovers that someone have stolen his space-ship motor and he simply canít get off the planet without it. Later he finds out that the evil tyrant Lord Zhergorg, who recently have taken over the planet, have stolen the motor for his evil plot to take over the Universe. Itís up to Bill with the help of Erica Nova, his girlfriend, Professor Nuts, a friendly but a bit mad scientist that creates weird inventions, DX22, IHSís mechanic-droid and Billís assistant, and many others.

Crocis Crocodile: The Curse of the Chest Recommended age: Everyone Type: Adventure cartoon Release-date: Probably end of 2003/start of 2004 Demo release: Unknown The story so far: Crocis Crocodile and his friends goes to the coast of Kenya to enjoy on the beach. Suddenly Koko Monkey finds a chest in the water and they drag it to the shore. They open it and a mysterious light flew out of the chest. Neither Crocis or his friends understood what it was but when they came back to their home-village Bonga the time have totally stopped and everyone and everything in the village have been frozen in time. Crocis finds out later that the chest they found had a curse that made several horrible things and could only be cured by an Anti-curse. Now Crocis Crocodile, Koko Monkey, Ziri Zebra, Cayman Crocodile, Sophie Crocodile and Kathie Crocodile has to travel around the world to find the ingredients they need for the Anti-curse.

Death-controller of Monkey Island Recommended age: Everyone Type: Pirate comedy Release-date: Hopefully in 2003 (much depend on Chris, he is programming) Demo release: The demo will be on Sacked Nuts homepage, not on Humorous Games. The story so far: Guybrush Threepwood meet the Voodoo-lady on Scabb Island to find out that he needs to find the Death-controller, which is twice as powerful as the Ultimate Insult and can use the powers of Life and Death, before LeChuck who has come back from the dead as a Skeleton-pirate together with Ozzie Mandrill (Who is fully restored). Guybrush travels together with Manny Calavera, his wife Elaine and Mannyís companion Glottis throughout the Tri-Island Area in search of the Death-traveler which can teleport living people back and forth through the Living world and the Land of the Dead.